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Recoil Magazine 2012 Back Issue

Recoil Magazine 2012 Back Issue

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Back Issues

  • Issue 4

Jerry Tsai (2012)

  • Editor of Recoil Magazine
  • Sept 2012 RECOIL Volume 1, Issue 4
    – Tsai stated that civilians should not have access to firearms like the new H&K
    in their first year (2012) fourth issue
    – MP7A1 article

They proclaimed:
“the MP7A1 is unavailable to civilians for good reason”

They went on:
“We all know that’s technology no civvy should be able to get to lay their hands on”

And continued:
“This is a purpose built weapon with no sporting applications to speak of.”

“It is made to put down scum bags and that’s it”

A cop is then quoted as saying:
“this is not a gun you want in the wrong slimy hands”


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