Sold Out - Original Ammo Placard, Orange Patch

Sold Out - Original Ammo Placard, Orange Patch

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“1.4 C” Orange ‘Small Arms Ammo’ Patch
Hazardous Materials Placard
1″ x 1″ Sewn w/ Velcro

Class 1.4 C Explosives
Cartridges for Small Arms

Identify your ammo, or just  a cool orange patch

Orange, Black Patch with Velcro (Hook) backing

Modeled after:

D.O.T. Hazard Class: Class 1 Explosives
Division Number: 1.4C
Description: Explosives (with no significant blast hazard)
Compatibility Group: C.
Group C is for substances or articles which may be readily ignited and burn violently without a proper explosion.

Cartridges for weapons, inert projectile OR Cartridges, small arms

NOT in accordance with DOT regulation §172.332 for durability, size or color
But they still look cool 

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