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MNU Prawn Target Stickers

MNU Prawn Target Stickers

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If you liked the movie District 9 then you saw the MNU Alien Targets in their lab.
We made these to look like those targets.

Use them for Airsoft Targets, or just spit-wads. Stick them to a refrigerator magnet and they stick to a tool box, gun safe or vehicle. Then move them to anything metal

Cool stickers like the Prawn (alien, outlander, or non-human) Targets the Multi-National United Security Force used in District 9
"Multi-National United", is abbreviated MNU

You'll get 4 stickers total
2 solid silhouettes and 2 with target lines

3" x 2" 
Made in Texas, USA 
Shipped FREE to the USA
(Use eBay for international Shipping)

Another of our limited run of stickers made by Flippy in Texas, USA

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