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Sold Out - 2019 Holiday Tactical Sock I

Sold Out - 2019 Holiday Tactical Sock I

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Your dreams of stuffed socks with tactical gear
were never this tactical. . Until now

Tactical Santa puts cooler stuff in Tactical Holiday Socks

Each of these Tactical Holiday Socks is special and unique...
just like the stuff you are sure to get

Each sock has some velcro at the top, for cool patches, and a loopy thing for hooking it on fireplaces (or any (non-metric) hook)

We also include our own real "fake-molly" straps for hanging cool things off of these socks

Many have our logo sewn on by our robots during the construction 

Made by us, here in Tucson, AZ
Look like someone who don't barely know how to use a sewing machine hobbled these out of scraps, but in a tactical way

Your Tactical Holiday Sock will come complete  with a few special treats (while supplies last)


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