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GW Logo - Patch Panel - 15x22

GW Logo - Patch Panel - 15x22

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Your patches deserve this patch panel

Now you can display your favorite patches, pins and other velcro loot with class

The GearWebsites logo means excellence,  and nothing screams excellent like a medium size patch panel

These quality patch panels are imported by us, from our good friends in the Orient. We have exotic materials assembled by robots and sent to us for FREE (because of some communist postage scam)

Then we use one of our robots here in Tucson, AZ to sew our official logo on the patch panel (in an impressive variety of color choices)

Grab one of these before they are gone

Profits from these panels help pay off the credit card bills from the 2019 Gun Show Loophole Tour to Washington D.C. !!

- While supplies last, each Patch panel you buy ships with a FREE Gun Show Loophole Tour patch

Thank You

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