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Sold Out - Every 2nd Matters (4th Gen) - PVC (G.I.T.D.)

Sold Out - Every 2nd Matters (4th Gen) - PVC (G.I.T.D.)

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Every 2nd Matters PVC Patch (G.I.T.D.)
Glow In The Dark

the 1st E2M "PVC" patch,
& 4th Gen of the E2M patch runs
(almost sold out)

Our 5th run of Every 2nd Matters Patch
PVC, Black & White, Glow-in-the-Dark

Limited quantity
Glow in the Dark Letters

Every 2nd Matters is a grass roots, internet campaign to get people talking about our 2nd amendment, and the rights it protects. Every 2nd day of the month we get together , wear a shirt (or patch) and try to talk with someone about 2nd amendment issues.

The concept is to keep the conversation alive, even without news media attention of some tragedy

The Every 2nd Matters patch is 2.5″ x 3″ in Black & White, so it will fit on most velcro panels on gear, jackets, headliner of your car, or anywhere the ‘hook side of velcro’ will attach

We hope these patches will help you
and help get the word out about a great cause

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