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Last One - Custom Wolverine Patch - 2020 Set

Last One - Custom Wolverine Patch - 2020 Set

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All that hate’s gonna burn you up, kid

Our Wolverine design updated for 2020 on various materials, in multiple colors for your collecting enjoyment

No other patch place cares
about your patch collection THIS much

22 Variations
9 Colors
7 Backgrounds

Approx. 2″ x 3″
Velcro Hook Back

Made by us, here in Tucson, AZ U.S.A. 

These are hand-crafted, by Kalashnikov artisans using crude, worn out tools
We built these this year, since our Wolverine Patch Extra-ganza

About half way through this batch we rebuilt our patch machine !..
   - so some look crude (while the machine was falling apart)
   - and some look great (after it was rebuilt) 

these are made on various authentic materials, the edges may fray, like cut denim, so some will wear and look cool with age and use

The Multicam Set
  - made from the same material we used to multicam the back of the van

Teal - Tan - Yellow - Green - Orange - Pink - Black

The Green Set
   - made from material from Korean Era Air Force uniforms

Teal - Tan - Yellow - Orange - Red - Black

The Oak Camouflage Set
  - made from material acquired from SHOT Show from a product manufacturer while talking about a project we were gong to have made years ago

Yellow - Green - Orange - Red

The Grey Set
    - made from the re-used material from the 'dust cover' our new Sewing Machine
    - When you buy these, you are helping to pay for that new machine !
    - More on this grey background in the future

Orange - Red


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