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Almost Gone - AKM Patch (Largest in the world)

Almost Gone - AKM Patch (Largest in the world)

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The LARGEST AK47 PVC Patch ever made !!
2nd Largest AK47 Patch ever

Own the coolest AK47 Patch

All the details, we could cram into 9 inches of rubber and velcro
If Mother Russia made AK47 Patches, they couldn't even dream of this patch
This patch could only be the result of Freedom & Liberty

We designed this patch art LIVE with our project backers
Starting from an AK74, we gave it wood furniture and a 7.62x39 magazine
The patch is our art, over 9 inches long

Legal in all 50 states
However, open carry might require discretion 

Our AKM Patch is the largest
PVC AK47 Patch available

  • Over 9-inches long
  • Full Color, Much Details
  • Velcro hook back (with x-tra loop panel)

Created for the 2019 Kalash Patch Batch

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