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Sold Out - AK47 Identification Playing Card Deck

Sold Out - AK47 Identification Playing Card Deck

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Reminiscent of Aircraft ID cards, Kalashnikov Recognition Cards for the multitude of Cold War AK Rifles

Limited Time ONLY

Styled after the official military Aircraft and Vehicle ID card decks, our Kalashnikov recognition cards will come in a simply designed (black & white) custom box  

The cards themselves will offer silhouettes and info on the various models and variations of the famous Kalashnikov Rifles (AK47) used by the WARSAW Pact during the Cold War

The cards will contain information about the rifles as well as their silhouettes for recognition  

Information included on each card:

  • Kalashnikov Model 
  • Country of Origin (USSR, China, E. Germany, Bulgaria) 
  • Countries 'Cold War' Flags 
  • Dates of Production (when available) 
  • Caliber (color of silhouette indicates caliber) 
  • Type of Receiver (Milled, Stamped) 
  • Materials used (Wood, Plastic, Bakelite, etc) 
  • Factory of Origin (when available) 
  • Cold War Factory Logos 

5.45x39 “Spam Can’ Sticker
& Spam Can Info Card

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