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7.62x54R Hungarian Ammo Can PVC Patch

7.62x54R Hungarian Ammo Can PVC Patch

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Hungarian 7.62x54R Spam Can

Hold the Ammunition of the Cold War in your hand

Our 9th Spam Can Patch in the series
And our 3rd 7.62x54R can design

this time a Hungarian cold war can with a green color and two color bands to I.D. the ammo type 

Heavy Ball - Mild Steel Core
(172 - 174 grains)
Silver over Yellow bullet tip

The arsenal code for the factory in Hungary is '21'
and 1975 is the year of manufacture '75' 


  • 2" x 4"
  • PVC, Full Color
  • Velcro Back (loop backing included)
  • 7.62x39 Russian Spam Can sticker
  • Our Cool Spam Can Translation Card



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