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Sold Out - 7.62 Oval PVC Patch

Sold Out - 7.62 Oval PVC Patch

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7.62 Oval PVC Patch
1" x 1.5" PVC patch
w/ Velcro back


This is one of our "Ammo Series" of designs. It's simple and doesn't look like a "gun patch" so it's perfect for the cubicle wall, or on a hat. It's subtle nod to other gun owners.

The 7.62 could stand for whatever caliber YOU like to shoot.
 7.62x39 or 7.62x54R or if you are a US caliber fan, the good old 7.62x51 (.308)

We made this design in July of 2016, and a very limited number remain in inventory.
Grab yours today

Come with Every 2nd Matters & Gun Channels biz card & sticker 

These are available only from GearWebsites


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