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Sold Out - 2A Rally - Trip Tabs

Sold Out - 2A Rally - Trip Tabs

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Trash to Treasure

  • Found this orange tie-down strap while walking this morning
  • Cut it into strips
  • Sewed "2A Rally" on them
  • Sewed Orange Velcro to the back
  • And we have a 2A Rally 2019 Patch !!
  • Selling them to raise funds to get to D.C.
  • Each Patch comes with a Glocktober re-Run Patch

Sewn by us, here in Tucson, USA

Whoever grabs the $75 tabs will get to nominate who gets the "Extra Tabs"

Each person who grabs a 2A Rally tab will get to vote on those nominations

Let's have some fun with that

Style Qty
"2A Rally" Black 2 Two Votes
"2A Rally" White 1 Three Votes
"2A Rally 2019" Black 6 One Vote
"2A Rally" Black Small 1 Three Votes


The "Extra Tabs"

The last two 2A Rally patches are
the Orange on Orange
& the Ripped End of the Strap

Whoever buys the $75 patch sets will nominate who gets these, and all the people who grab the 2A Rally patches will vote

What it was like to find the FREE orange strap while walking the dog this morning


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