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Sold Out - 2021 Firearm Museum Calendar (1st run of just 15)

Sold Out - 2021 Firearm Museum Calendar (1st run of just 15)

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    To test the practicality of making calendars, we printed just 15 of these, the 1st run of our new Firearm Museum Calendar for 2021

    Each month one of our Firearm Museums is featured


The Good:

  • These are full color, loaded with our cartoons drawn LIVE over the years
  • TONS of 2A info for the whole year
  • Gets our 2A history (and future) into your planning, schedules and conversations
  • Supports our experimentation and skill building (we still waste a LOT of materials)

The Bad:

  • Un Edited, there might be errors and misprints
  • Poorly printed

Thank You to our Patreons who gave us the time to create this, and our other 2A projects

   We are still learning, and our equipment is consumer level, we appreciate your consideration overlooking the lack of professional production.

However.. If you would like a replacement, if we missed a bad print or damage, we are happy to replace your calendar

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