Guns of the Old West playing cards from @southern_jas

Guns of the Old West playing cards from @southern_jas

So freakin’ cool 🤠

●●● You can grab these on our online store 
Thank you !!


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Hey Brett
Don’t buy em, that is fine

Now, to address your points…

We aren’t selling Chinese garbage (theses are made in USA)
We aren’t buying in the quantity that the casinos you mentioned are

As for our price, our products support our online projects

Again, feel free to pass on the decks.
Thank you for your interest


I want 20 packs of the old west playing cards, then I saw the price tag…………….
$4.99 a pack – cool…….. $20/ pack…… NO!
Really cool item, justify the price tag.
I buy cards for $1 per pack, maybe $.50 from casinos.
$2.99 in BFE for bicycles.
$5 seems like a profit margin.
$20 seems like rape.
I can’t do it.
I WONT do it.
What’s up?……………..

Brett Beasley

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