Egyptian Maadi Parts Kit

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Hand Select Egyptian Maadi in 7.62x39
Fixed Stock AKM-47 (Arabic writing on barrel trunnion + sight leaf)

With Egyptian Maadi Bayonet

The parts kit shown is what you will get.
These are not stock photos.
The screen shot is from Arms of Americas website in 2013

From Arms of America (2013)

  • rated NRA excellent to like new condition

Has Arabic writing on the barrel trunnion and sight leaf which is highly sought after.
These are some of the rarest and nicest kits we have seen! 

Accessory Pack which includes

  • brown Maadi pistol grip
  • sling
  • bayonet
  • oiler

Egyptian Maadi AKM Rifles were manufactured by the Maadi Company for Engineering Industries Maadi-Cairo,Egypt. It is believed that all of the factory tooling/equipment was shipped to Egypt lock,stock,and barrel from Russia. This makes the Maadi highly desirable since they are known to be on par with Russian quality!

  • Does not include barrel or receiver 
  • Does not require a Federal Firearms License to order! 
  •  protected with grease
  • little demilling marks but has small marks

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